Contraloría urges security improvements in San José public parks

The nation’s budget watchdog has told the Municipality de San José that security at its 389 parks must be improved.

The agency, the Contraloría General de la República, conducted a study to determine the efficiency with which the municipality was managing the parks.

It sought to see if there was minimal security that would allow users to feel secure and make full use of the public spaces.

The municipal parks are of several types, including juvenile, sports and what was called passive contemplative.

The Contraloría said that the parks are receiving minimal maintenance and investment of public funds.

The study even questions the landscaping that was termed lacking in some cases.

There also were damages reported on the park infrastructures.

There were absence of security including illumination, fences, security cameras or police booths.

Also reported was a lack of diversity in the use of the space by citizens.

The Contraloría urged the municipality to develop a strategy to improve systematically the public parks. The study also noted that the park budgets have been in the red.

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