Corporate tax goes up, but traffic fines rise more

The judicial salary on which many fines and taxes are based increased just 4,000 colons for 2015.

The new rate is 403,400 colons, according to the Poder Judicial. That means the tax on active corporations will be just 201,700. That’s about $382.

Inactive corporations will pay half that.  The tax is due by the end of January. The small increase will filter down to many other fines and assessments because laws usually include this amount as a base. It is the monthly salary of a designated judicial worker.

That does not include traffic fines. The Consejo de Seguridad Vial said it would raise traffic fines some  4.59 percent. The traffic law specifies that the fine amounts are adjusted based on the rate of inflation as reported by the Dirección General de Estadística y Censos.

The lowest fine, such as the penalty for driving a vehicle on a restricted plate downtown on the day it is prohibited, goes up 864 colons to 21,864 colons,

The major fines or infractions such as passing in a prohibited zone, failing to have a license or speeding goes from 293,000 to 306,000 colons, some $579.50.

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