Costa Rican animals are inviting tourists to visit, Web site says

Now that an Atlanta ad agency has activated the country’s promotional Web sites, it appears animals are inviting North Americans to visit.

Both the and sites say that they were created by animals to help save the overworked who are forced to labor long hours in stressful environments, increasingly estranged from their natural habitat.

“As resident animals of Costa Rica, we happily offer our country as sanctuary,” it says.

The Canadian Web site says that 49 percent of residents there say they are vacation deprived. In the United States, the Web site claims 59 percent feel vacation deprived. There is no citation to any survey on which these figures are based.

22squared is the ad firm that came up with this promotion. The Web site contains answers to basic questions about coming to Costa Rica, but it does not say that the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo is sponsoring the promotion. In fact, both domain names are registered to the ad agency, according to an online search.

The tourist institute has a tendency to ignore domain ownership. In 2004 A.M. Costa Rica had to prevail on the institute to reclaim its premier tourism Web site,, from  an Argentine promotional firm.

That was the Web site the institute paid $833,000 to construct.

The 22squared campaign is supposed to cost $3 million for a year. The Web sites seek responses from those who visit Costa Rica and also seeks their photos. Compared to other Web sites posted by the tourism institute or private firms, both are fairly superficial.

The Alexa rank for the Canadian page is 2.3 million and it is in 45,000th place in Canada. The bounce rate is 73.7 percent, meaning that nearly three quarters of the visitors never get past the first page.

The site is ranked at 1.6 million worldwide and 203,907 in the United States. It has a bounce rate of 53.3 percent.  The average time on the site by visitors is two minutes and 43 seconds.

Alexa is the Web site tracking company.

The ad agency failed to capture the .com versions of the Web sites. is banked at, and was quickly picked up by a Costa Rican Web site owner and configured to direct visitors to his site.

Web site does not cite a source for this statistic.

Web site does not cite a source for this statistic.

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