Cruz Roja setting up aid stations all along the Saturday parade route

The Cruz Roja said that it would have 170 workers, 18 ambulances and 12 temporary aid centers available for the Festival de la Luz Saturday.

The operation begins at 10 a.m., long before the 3 p.m. pre-festival for children and the 6 p.m. main parade.

Based on experiences with other such events, the Cruz Roja warned against consuming products of dubious origin. There will be many vendors servicing the parade crowd.

There may be showers for the parade. The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that a low pressure area was causing rain and unstable conditions Thursday in the mountains around the metro area as well as in Limón and the northern zone.

The weather institute said that the low pressure area would continue to have an effect on local weather through Saturday night. The metro area has only had a sprinkling of rain, but there has been ample wind. Elsewhere the situation is different. Residents of Barra de Colorado in northeast Costa Rica said that the town was awash and that transportation was by boat.

The rains have been heavy, they said, and the town is adjacent to the Río Colorado.

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