Desamparados getting special attention

The canton of Desamparados,which had become a war zone among feuding drug gangs, is getting the attention of the country’s first lady.

Mercedes Peñas Domingo, the president’s wife, is coordinating a commission of government officials to address problems in the canton. She was invited to do so by the mayor, Mauren Fallas, said Casa Presidencial.

Public attention was directed at Desamparados when it became the scene of multiple murders, mainly in the Calle Fallas area. Police increased their patrols dramatically, and several arrests were made.

Casa Presidencial said that a committee of officials is seeking to reclaim public space, strengthen the social service deliveries and give attention to vulnerable groups.

The committee also seeks to promote employment. The members are representatives of the various government agencies that already are charged with providing these services.

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