Drug store manager latest robbery victim

Robbers killed the manager of the La Bomba pharmacy in Guayabos de Curridabat Wednesday evening. The dead woman was 24 and identified by the last name of  Córdoba. She leaves a 3 year old.

The bandits arrived on motorcycles and one shot the woman in the head. She died at Hospital Calderón Guardia.

The chain, La Bomba, is well known to expats because it sells drugs and medical equipment at low prices. The main store is in San Pedro.

The woman become the latest fatal victim of a growing wave of robberies not only in the Central Valley but, it appears all over Costa Rica. Stores, pedestrians, lottery vendors  and buses are the main targets.

There are several arrests by judicial agents for robberies each day.

There also are crimes. But most that do not concern expats never make this newspaper. For example, a business that provides goods imported from Internet sales in Guadalupe was the victim of a stickup Monday.

In an unusual twist a bus driver ran down and killed one would-be robber Monday night. A pair of masked bandits tried to stop the bus at Finca Londres, Cariari de Guápiles. One robber threw a stone that broke the windshield, and the driver told investigators that he thought the missile was a bullet so he stepped on the accelerator and ran over one of the crooks.

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