Expats are definitely not Scrooge when it comes to keeping Christmas

If there is one word that describes expats in Costa Rica it is generous. Across the land expats dig down to help their neighbors, their employees and their Tico friends. This is not required, but so very often a little bit of extra money goes a long way toward improving a life.

That goes double at Christmas. Expats are quick to set up parties and gift-giving for locals. Of course, Costa Ricans do, too. The Poder Judicial just delivered a mountain of toys to the Asociatión Obras del Espiritu Santo. The Costa Rica Tennis Club is accepting toys as the price of admission at a ballet event Sunday for the same organization.

In Jacó, Lynn Gensemer of Chungo Interior Design and friends will once again go to the mountains Christmas day to deliver food staples and toys.

“This project started from my personal desire to reach out to Costa Rican families that are not able to enjoy the holiday season for whatever reason,” she said by email.  “It has grown with the help of Jim Gray, various local individuals and vacationers.  A donated stock truck is loaded with coffee, sugar, rice, beans and other food items as well as toys for children of all ages.  The day is spent traveling mountain villages dispersing joy and happiness.  The reward to all who participate is priceless.”

Further down the Pacific coast Brendan Ryan of Rich Coast Realty has hosted holiday parties in the past for youngsters, too.

In fact, editors would like to hear about other such projects. Expats are encouraged to send a note, perhaps with photos, to editor@amcostarica.com.

For those who wish to make donations, there are dozens of legitimate organizations that could use the help.

Jacó mountain delivery brought joy to these kids in 2013.

Jacó mountain delivery brought joy to these kids in 2013.

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