Great Thanksgiving dinner for $18

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

We get so tired of hearing about the rip-off prices in Costa Rica for restaurants.

The other day we had Thanksgiving dinner at the Hotel Quality Inn in Santa Ana for $18 per person, tax included tip included.  Huge serving of great turkey, six salads, various meats, rice, camote pure better than mashed potatoes, great heaping of cranberries, various fruit drinks, breads, marinated mushrooms, carrots and  green squash, pumpkin pie, tres leches, and one mimosa per plate.

We often go to Yorgos, which in our opinion is 5-star cooking maybe not as elegant as the $600 tasting menu at Per Sec in New York, which our friend frequents but as soon as he arrives in Costa Rica he goes to Yorgos the next day.

We know that the middle class has financial limitations, and we have lowered the prices of our rental condos to a point they are lower than equivalents in cities like Dallas, Atlanta, etc.

Angela Jimenez Rocha
Architect and appraiser
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