Hacienda reports flood of declarations

Even though some expats report that the computers at the Ministerio de Hacienda have been out of service for several days, the agency still enforced the midnight deadline for reports of economic activity.

These are the D-151 forms that now must be filed electronically on the ministry’s Declar@7. The report specifies professionals who were paid, rents and big purchases. Later these will be incorporated into the tax return that is due in two weeks.

The ministry said that some 248,394 declarations had been received through the weekend. Accountants were working into the night Monday to meet the midnight deadline. The computers appeared to be working Monday.

There are stiff fines for errors or misrepresentations on the forms.

The ministry compares the forms that are submitted.

For example, if an individual reports they have spent $4,000 in the last tax year on a home rental, tax inspectors are going to look for a report of that income on the declaration submitted by the landlord.

Most individuals who do contract work such as Web designers or similar, may find themselves on the forms submitted by others because to do so would mean the expense can be declared as a deduction on the income taxes.

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