Highway work stalled by relocation

Highway officials are putting the brakes on design work for the northern section of the Circunvalación because residents of the low-income Triángulo de Solidaridad in Tibás are in the way.

The Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes said that the land must be cleared for engineers and others in the design work so they can see the topography.

The Triángulo de Solidaridad is a well known area of substandard housing, and the Ministerio de Vivienda y Asentamientos Humanos has the job of relocating the residents.

The design work is being done by the Consorcio Estrella-Hernán Solís, and it appears that work will be stalled until March while the 181 families are moved to other quarters.

The Circunvalación Norte will run from the end of the existing highway at an intersection in La Uruca to Calle Blancos and then to Ruta 32.  This is a $147 million project that will take 18 months.

When done, the new highway will expedite motor truck traffic and allow drivers to skirt the metro area to go to and from Ruta 32, which is the main highway to Limón and the boat docks there. Such drivers might be carrying pineapples from the southern zone or industrial supplies from the docks to a factory in Puntarenas. Now the drivers have to leave the four-lane Circunvalación for secondary highways in La Uruca and Tibás.

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