Hotel operators are more optimistic this year, survey shows

Hotel operators at tourism locations are expecting a better year this year than last with their holiday bookings.

The Cámara Costarricense de Hoteles released findings of its annual survey Wednesday that showed the hotel operators at beaches and the mountains expect an average of 88 percent occupancy. The period includes Christmas through New Year’s. That is four points higher than 2013, the chamber noted.

Beaches continue being the favored locations because the survey showed that hotel operators there are expecting 91 percent occupancy. Mountain locations reported 81 percent.

As is typical of holiday periods, hotels in the city expected a lower occupancy. They reported 59 percent.

The chamber will do a survey after the holidays to determine actual occupancy.

The holiday occupancies will give a good indication of the success of the entire high season, which has just begun. Reports from the Pacific coast say that intense cold in the north has advanced the season.

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