Hundreds of organizations rallied to oppose Moín container terminal

Environmental activists say that hundreds of organizations have joined them in opposing approval for the proposed $1 billion container handling facility in Moín.

The list is lengthy and includes mostly environmental and native organizations, but there also is Kokopelli Costa Rica, which describes itself as a community whose objective is to promote a culture following the Hopi Indians.

The proposal for the terminal now is before the Secretaría Técnica Nacional Ambiental, a section of the environmental ministry. The proposal is to build an artificial island as a deep-water port off the existing Moín docks. The activists raise a number of questions about the impact.

A statement delivered via email says the organizations are not opposed to the port but seek a port that cares for the environment and the social and economic interests of the country.

APM Terminals, a Dutch firm, has agreed to build the project as a concession. Some of the beneficiaries would be monoculture agricultural firms. The environmental activists generally oppose these operations, too, because of the pesticide use and runoff.

The statement also makes note of a proposal for a second terminal in the same location and urged that what it called the errors of the past not be repeated.

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