Korean firm offers LED/wifi system

In an unusual development, a Korean businessman approached the central government Thursday with a plan for installing a network of LED lights throughout the country along with free wifi and closed circuit television.

The businessman is DaeWoo Kim, identified by Casa Presidencial as the CEO of  Wells Communication, Inc. Casa Presidencial said the businessman proposed putting the more efficient LED lights on existing utility poles and also installing the wifi system that could be accessed for free by anyone within half a kilometer.

The Korean met with Melvin Jiménez., minister of the Presidencia.

A Web site for a Korean firm called Wells Communication, Inc., says that “although Wellcom is a newly established venture company, developed one year ago, its staff has more than ten years experience with LEDs and have been involved in multiple domestic and international projects.” The firm is based in Seoul.

The Korean offer includes providing 70 percent financing, said Casa Presidencial.  Jiménez was quoted as saying the firm may build a plant in Costa Rica.

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