Last chance for any official business drawing near

Expats with official business to complete have just two weeks to do so this year.

Dec. 19, a Friday, is the day when most central government workers begin their Christmas break. Considering that there are office parties and other holiday events before that date, official business becomes more uncertain as Dec.19 approaches.

The tourism industry will be in full swing, and those who are beach-bound should make reservations now, workers in the industry urge. Many Costa Ricans do not have that problem. They spend the Christmas-to-New Year’s holiday camped on beaches.

The beaches are public property, so campers have this right.

Those who are not going to the beaches or mountains for Christmas, will find many activities for their youngsters. The Museo de los Niños, for example, has issued an agenda of activities for youngsters beginning Dec. 15. There will be even more activities from Jan. 15 to Feb. 1.

Dec. 15 is the end of the public school year, and graduations are the next day.

Essential services will have a regular schedule of the holidays, and they will be needed. Those Costa Rican bullfights will be in two Central Valley locations this year.

The Fiestas de San José beginning Dec.25 at the Zapote fairgrounds, and there will be bulls at Pedregal in Belén for the first time this year.

The Fuerza Pública said it is continuing its strong presence downtown at bus stops and automatic tellers. There will be large turnouts of

A holiday addition downtown: Blue branches hiding utility poles.

A holiday addition downtown: Blue branches hiding utility poles.

officers next Saturday for the Festival de La Luz Christmas parade.

Traffic officials warned motorists over the weekend that workmen will be putting up the stages and grandstands along Paseo Colón and Avenida Segunda for Festival de la Luz spectators. They urged caution because the grandstands and stages protrude into the traffic lanes.

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