Most domestic abuse cases fail because of victim

Last year some 70 percent of women who obtained domestic violence restraints failed to follow through, according to the judiciary, and a campaign had been started to decrease the number of dropout.

A 2011 law obligates judges to visit the homes of some who have been awarded no-contact orders, and it is not unusual to find the accused wife beater back living in the home despite the order, the judicial said.

The Poder Judicial promotes the campaign that says following through on a domestic abuse case can change lives for the better.

And officials recognize that the victim is a principal cause of why such cases do not end satisfactorily, a summary said.

In 2013 judges issued 112,627 medidas de protección for those who complained of spousal abuse. Most of the time the order means the abuser must leave the home and have no further contact with the complainant. That same year of the 34,715 hearings scheduled, only 9,800 were actually held, said a judicial summary.

One obvious reason is the economic dependency of the abused partner on the abuser. The others are fear and concern for children. The rate cases are abandoned frustrates some of the judges in the Juzgado de Violencia Doméstica.

One domestic violence victim was quoted saying that to follow through required a lot of personal strength.

The campaign is mainly informational to alert the person filing the complaint the consequences of not following through. Presumed victims also are instructed on how to file a new complaint if the abuser violates the terms of a restriction order, said the judiciary. The victims also are told about the psychology of violence in general terms. The judges also are targeting accused abusers early and directing them to intervention programs, the judiciary said.

The courts have been accused of failing to handle domestic violence cases quickly. That leaves the accused abuser living as best he or she can outside the home. A few of those accused are women.

In a few cases, abusers have violated the no-contact order to kill their former partner.

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