Museo Nacional to celebrate U.N. designation of Delta del Diquís

The Museo Nacional will open an exhibition Wednesday featuring the locations in southern Costa Rica where the stone spheres are found.

The museum wants to feature the four locations that have been designated as world heritage by the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. They are Finca 6, Batambal, Grijalba-2 and El Silencio.

The exhibit, “Diquís: Patrimonio de la Humanidad,” is designed to celebrate the U.N. designation. The culture that is believed to have made the stone spheres lived in that area, the Delta del Diquís, from at least 800 A.D.. Descendants still are there.

The exhibition has 67 archaeological objects of exceptional quality that shows the work and creativity of the delta inhabitants, the museum said. The objects are of stone, ceramic, gold, bone and shell, an announcement said.

There also are large format photos and videos.

The exhibit will run through March.

The purpose of the stone spheres still is not clear. They are believed to have been made by pecking at them with a smaller stone. Museum archaeologist said they think the spheres were status symbols that were placed in front the the homes of important personages.

The museum is now trying to recover spheres that had been hijacked from the area to decorate homes and commercial buildings. The four locations in the canton of Osa, which now makes up a new museum, contains spheres that were found in situ.

Museum worker locks up a Diquís sculpture.

Museum worker locks up a Diquís sculpture.

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