Northern zone struggling with rain

While the Central Valley and the Pacific coasts face another day of winds, residents of the northern zone are hoping the water will go down.

Much of the country had been experiencing light rain. But along the Nicaragua border residents report days of heavy rain. More rain is predicted for today.

The entire community of Barra del Colorado on the Río Colorado is under water. A resident there said that one could take a boat down the main street.

The river is running fast because it is fed by rain that has fallen in the mountains and also water from the Río Sarapiquí, residents said.

There has been one fatality. A man fell from a boat last week, and his body was found a short time later.

This is not the first time that the community has been under water, but the residents said it was the worst flooding in years.

There is an up side. The force of the river opened up the mouth that leads to the Caribbean. That mouth had been constricted.

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