Personal report on Montezuma rip tides

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Your article about rip tides and rip currents is an important one. As you state, there are no warning signs at all in most locations.

I was about waist high in the water near Montezuma, Nicoya. A man was at mid-chest about 15 feet away. Suddenly, we were both yanked off our feet and dragged along the very rocky bottom. Luckily, the tide released us relatively quickly. I only suffered scrapes and bruises, but the man hit his head, hard. He was still able to surface, but for a minute or so, things were very scary for both of us.

This is something that Costa Rica definitely needs to address. I’m always amazed that there aren’t even more drownings each year, given the volatility of deceptively calm waters and the complete lack of signage (and usually, lifeguards).

Heidi Allen
San Antonio, Texas
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