Police keep up the pressure on vendors of fireworks, legal or illegal

New Year’s will see another night of shock and awe, but the Fuerza Pública is doing its best to prevent that.

The police agency said that it is aggressively enforcing the firework laws and conducting inspections of where they are sold.

Some fireworks are legal in Costa Rica as long as they do not explode. Still, the really impressive fireworks are sold under the counter or in unregistered establishments.

Police have been conducting routine inspections of all the retail outlets that sell fireworks. Generally most are in order and have their permits from the Dirección General de Armamento and the Ministerio de Salud.

In one case Saturday, police found an underage individual tending the shop while the registered owner was not present.  Allowing a minor to sell fireworks is a violation, so police shut down the store and confiscated the fireworks. They said there were 1,500 units. The store was in Alajuelita.

Police have been confiscating fireworks that enter the country from both borders, but the amounts have been relatively small. The amount confiscated, according to police reports is around 150 kilos.

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