Postal service adds stamp series on food to its menu

Four food favorites are featured this year on a special postal emission that raises money for the Ciudad de los Niños.

This is the annual Christmas issue that gives a financial boost to the boys home in Agua Caliente de Cartago.

The issue this year is a sheet of 20 stamps, each valued at 65 colons.  The entire sheet costs 1,300 colons, about $2.45.

Featured is olla de carne, the traditional Costa Rican beef stew;  picadillo de vainica, a string bean, chili and ground meat delight; gallo pinto, the famous rice and bean breakfast meal, and casado con pollo, the lunchtime favorite that includes chicken, rice, beans and fried platanos.

These are main courses that are so traditional that some of the photos came from the  Centro de Investigación y Conservación del Patrimonio Cultural.

Cristian Ramírez Vargas, designed the stamp layout. The French stamp expert, Cartor Security Printing, provided the offset work. A million stamps were printed.

As an indication of inflation, the 1958 Ciudad de los Niños stamp, the first one, had a value of just 5 centimos, according to Correos de Costa Rica. The price is set by law and is consistent with inflation.

The stamp is available at the central post office or by Internet at the Correos online store.

Those interested in duplicating the favorite dishes can find a number of recipes online.

This is the 20-stamp layout of the special postal emission.

This is the 20-stamp layout of the special postal emission.

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