Puriscal not origin of fake Cuban cigars

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Who wrote the article “Cuban cigars may soon lose their image of U.S. contraband.”

What a hack job, “rookie wanna-be jounalist” of the year award.

1.) Puriscal does not make “fake Cuban cigars.”  Those are made in San José.  “Cheap rip-offs made in Puriscal” . . . I would contact a lawyer!

2.) You have a photo of Macanudos . . . They are made in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

3.) Vegas de Santiago is a Web site.   The cigar producing company is Tabacos de Costa Rica, S.A.  Get your facts straight.

4.) “Although Puriscal west of the Central Valley is the source of Cuban knockoffs, tobacco growers there also boast they have a product as good as the Communist island. What proof do you have that Puriscal is the source of Cuban knockoffs?”

5.)  There is another tobacco company in Santa Marta, Puriscal, that grows tobacco for cigars.

6.) The 200 members of the Association of Tabacaleros de Puriscal in Costa Rica, no longer exists.  It was ended 10 years ago.

7.) Tabacos de Costa Rica in Santiago de Puriscal imports most of their tobacco from various countries. They use very little tobacco from Costa Rica.  The owner of Vegas de Santiago logo and Web has his cigars made by Tabacos de Costa Rica.  I am sure that you will be asked to retract this article.
John Scoble

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