Scammers continue to be creative with ways to steal money from unwary

The crooks have come up with another good one.

The latest scam is a variation of a friend being stranded in Paris.

According to the Judicial Investigating Organization there is a wave of scams in which crooks tell residents here that a family member has been detained in México and is on the way to a Mexican jail.

Agents think that those who pull these scams have inside information about the victims, who may be seniors, at least to the extent that they know there is a family member working in Canada or the United States.

According to the scammers, the family member was en route to Costa Rica for vacation but made a stopover at a Mexican airport. There customs agents made an arrest because of the large amount of money the family member was carrying.

The victim here is asked to deposit $1,000 or $2,000 for taxes or similar so that the relative will not go to the Mexican prison.

The money is asked to be sent through a commercial firm that provides this service.

Agents said that there have been 18 complaints.

This type of scam requires personal contact unlike the Internet frauds that claim a friend has been robbed and left without money or documents in a foreign land. The Internet scam usually involves the hijacking of some email user’s account. The request is the same: Send money!

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