Some airlines will put cost of exit tax in the price of their tickets

The deal was a very long time in coming. The government said Wednesday that some airlines have agreed to include the cost of the country’s $29 exit tax in the price of a ticket.

The participating airlines are members of the Spanish-based  Asociación de Líneas Aéreas. Continental and American Airlines are members, but Delta and some other U.S. passenger lines are not.

Passengers who have booked flights with firms that do not include the tax in their ticket will have to continue to purchase the exit stamp at the airport from Bancrédito employees.

Officials Wednesday said they expect that the manual operator will continue for at least a year.

Charter and private flights are not included in the agreement, officials said. They are Ana Helena Chacón and Helio Fallas, both vice presidents, who announced the agreement. Airlines are under no obligation to accept the agreement, officials said. But they expect that most eventually will.

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