What is Christmas without snow

Growing up in this small  tropical country, where the sun shines most of the year and even in the coldest winter, you know that at some point in the morning, this bright yellow star in our solar system will salute you.

During the holidays, TV blooms with classics “It’s a Wonderful Life”,  “Home Alone” , and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.    In perhaps the most interesting part of Home Alone I heard the sweet voice of my little girl asking:
– mommy, “How would be Christmas with snow?”

For a Tica who has never seen snow in her life, is not a question easy to answer.

Wherever you look, Ticos have made efforts to decorate their homes with plastic snowmen, reindeer made of straw, and Santa in his cardboard sleigh.

I took my little girl to the Festival of Lights in San Jose. We got drenched in a downpour, surrounded by sneezing  people,  surrounded by people of all ages and nationalities.

Then we met the Turton family from California. They have been living in Costa Rica for about a year. Mom and dad were very friendly with their three kids anxious to see the floats.  Mrs. Turton told me that floats reminded her of her childhood, when she traveled to Disneyland and saw a parade with many lights and floats. They were simply amazed by living this Christmas far away from snow.

Also we met a group of exchange students, ages from 17-20.  There was Marco Diceglie and Michelle Canas (from Italy), Pierre Labarbe (France), Jonas Helgi (Iceland), Jonas Gohlkschenrima (Germany), Emilie Dumoulin (Canada).   They were just another group of happy people, enjoying Christmas in the middle of a tropical paradise, they said. They were delighted not needing to wear kilos of clothes to keep them warm from the snow.

I think the answer to my daughter’s question came naturally: “My dear, definitely Christmas in Costa Rica is more fun without snow!!

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