Ambassador loses position over posting

An ambassador-designate has been fired because she posted unflattering comments on a Facebook page about the procuradora general de la República.

The woman, Patricia Gómez Pereira, had been named ambassador to Bolivia but had not yet presented her credentials to that government.

The procuradora, Ana Lorena Brenes. is involved in a dispute with President Luis Guillermo Solís and his ministers. Ms. Brenes says that she was offered an ambassadorship herself if she quit her job before the term expires in a year.

The dispute and conflicting allegations have been the topic of a legislative hearing, but lawmakers adjourned a special session Friday without making a decision.

Ms. Gómez was called before foreign ministry officials but did not present a reasonable explanation for her Internet posting, said a release from the ministry.

The Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores  y Culto said that diplomats must act responsibly at all times and with good judgment.

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