Bank employees in Quepos face allegations of money laundering

Three bank employees in Quepos have been detained on the allegation that they faked the exchange for some $200,000 for colons by using the names of unknowing bank customers.

They did this, according to the Judicial Investigating Organization, to avoid reporting the exchange of funds over $10,000 or more. Officials consider this money laundering.

The crime happened from last April to June, investigators said. They added that the bank was a private one, but did not give the name. There are at least two branches of private banks in Quepos.

More arrests are likely, including that of the person who brought the funds to the bank in the first place. Those arrested include two women, an account executive and the local treasurer and a male cashier, agents said.

Investigators said that the trio used the names of bank customers who had not even been in the bank to legitimize the exchange of dollars to colons. Investigators did not disclose the origin of the dollars.

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