Concern expressed for missing editor

The Inter American Press Association has expressed concern at the disappearance in Mexico of journalist Moisés Sánchez Cerezo and called on the country’s authorities to determine his whereabouts.

Sánchez Cerezo, 49, is editor and publisher of the community weekly newspaper La Unión in the town of Medellín de Bravo in Veracruz state. According to local media his family reported that on Friday a group of armed men in civilian clothes broke into his house and took him out by force, along with his computer, camera and mobile phone.

La Unión is a publication that reports on violent acts, an increase in petty crime, a lack of security and action by the local government to deal with these problems.

According to information gathered by the Inter American Press Association due to his socio-political and journalistic activities Sánchez Cerezo had received threats on several occasions during the past year from the head of the local municipal government and other people he had not been able to identify. Recently some of his equipment had been stolen. He is also a taxi driver and runs a modest business, which provides financial support for his newspaper.

Gustavo Mohme, Inter American Press Association president, voiced concern at Sánchez Cerezo’s disappearance, adding, “We urge the federal authorities to investigate and ensure the journalist’s prompt and safe rescue.”

Mohme, editor of the Lima, Peru, newspaper La República, recalled that last year five journalists were murdered in Mexico, one of them, Gregorio Jiménez de la Cruz, was killed in Veracruz.

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