Finding illicit firearms and knives is a daily event

The number of hidden weapons being carried in the streets must be immense because police confiscated 1,960 firearms, including those that were homemade, last year.

Typically police do not encounter weapons until they are responding to an emergency call or making an arrest.

Knives also are subject to confiscation. Fuerza Pública officers detained three persons in Barbilla de Batán Monday evening after a man was robbed of his bike and his cell phone.

When officers caught up with the suspects, they confiscated two very threatening knives.

Also Monday Fuerza Pública officers confiscated a 9-mm. pistol during a domestic violence call in Tibás.

Other officers approached a man in Leon XIII only to see him throw away a weapon and run. It was a pistol with six cartridges.

In Alajuelita officers responding to a neighborhood dispute confiscated a .25-caliber pistol from a man who did not have a possession permit.

The firearms confiscated just by the Fuerza Pública last year included 174 homemade devices. Most of these are a couple of tubes or pipes designed to fire a shotgun shell. There also were 76 shotguns, 869 pistols and 663 revolvers.

Knives were confiscated in Batán and the revolver in León XIII.

Knives were confiscated in Batán and the revolver in León XIII.

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