Flap over condo management in Jacó

A clash of condo management firms left residents of the La Paloma Blanca development without telephone service or Internet access, but the La Paloma Blanca HOA Management Corp., S.A. promises to restore the services soon.

The latest situation developed early Monday when four representatives of Lost Beach, which says it now has a management contract with the condo association, arrived at the property.

The existing condo administrator said in an email to residents that Lost Beach representatives intimidated a guard and trespassed on the property around 4 a.m.

Ron Falk, director of operations for DayStar Properties & Rentals, said the company was filing a police report.

However, Lost Beach also issued an email that said the police were already there. The firm said the home owners association voted in November to  terminate DayStar as its property manager. Then it created a subsidiary, the La Paloma Blanca HOA Management Corp., S.A.

The action early Monday was the least disruptive method of the transfer of management in the absence of cooperation by DayStar by securing of the property with Lost Beach security, the firm said.

Lost Beach is owned by David Byker and Denny Cherette. Byker owns at least 25 condos. They said in July that they were taking over La Paloma as well as other condo properties.

They did this after the principal of Daystar, Patrick Hundley, was jailed on a criminal charge. That case has not yet been resolved although he no longer is in prison.

DayStar said that Lost Beach representatives assaulted the DayStar guard early Monday. When the security guard attempted to call for help, the four men forcibly restrained him including strikes and elbows to his back, stomach and kidneys, DayStar said in its statement. The guard also had his hand slammed in the gate, DayStar added.

Lost Beach said it had been assured by Bruce Greenawalt, the home owners association president, and Juan Manuel Gomez, the association lawyer, all of whom were witnesses to the removal of the guards, that there were no physical injuries sustained by either of the guards and that no punches were thrown.

“The local police came to the site at the time of the removal of the DayStar staff.” Lost Beach said in a statement. “Lost Beach and the HOA attorney presented the police with the documents verifying the legal transfer. The police contacted their legal counsel, verified the HOA and Lost Beach was within its rights and then departed the property.”

Lost Beach said that in the takeover, telephone and internet services were lost temporarily. The firm said it had communicated with each owner.

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