Government seeks action on boat law

Government officials met Monday with the goal of reducing the possibility of another tourist boat disaster.

The catamaran EcoQuest floundered in rough seas Thursday morning, and three persons died while 106 tourists and crew members were dumped into the Gulf of Nicoya

President Luis Gullermo Solís said he would expedite proposal No. 18512, a revision of the navigation laws. This means lawmakers will be able to consider it during this special session. The measure has been in the legislature for two years.

The 27.43-meter (90-foot) triple decker boat is the object of an investigation but it is some 450 feet of water in the Gulf of Nicoya. That is to deep for conventional divers.

Passengers reported that the boat sunk because lower windows were left open and as the ship rocked back and forth in wind-whipped seas water entered the hull in large quantities and amplifying the movement.

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