Highway agency installing plastic posts as guides along Ruta 32

Highway officials are installing collapsible plastic posts on the center line of a portion of Ruta 32 to guide motorists.

The meter-high posts are supposed to serve as a guide for motorists in bad weather and also give a sound if the driver crosses into the other lane.

This is a 223 million-colon job being done by J L Señalización y Arquitectura S.A. That’s about $418,000. The job involves 37.5 kilometers between San Isidro de Heredia and Río Frio. This includes the stretch that runs north of San José through Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo which is frequently rainy and foggy.

The posts also have reflective material that helps motorists to stay in the correct lane, said the Consejo de Seguridad Vial. If a vehicle knocks down one of the plastic posts, it is supposed to spring back up to its designated position. This is the first time that the posts are being used in Costa Rica, said the agency.

Costa Rican roads are notoriously difficult to navigate when the painted lines have been eroded away. That happens a lot because officials wait until they can issue a large contract for repainting.

This is how the plastic posts will appear on Ruta 32.

This is how the plastic posts will appear on Ruta 32.

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