Homeport was not Los Sueños

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

I was reading Friday’s journal today and noticed that the news titled “Investigation begun into sinking of tourist catamaran” says that “some of the survivors went to Caldera and others returned to the EcoQuest home port of Los Sueños Marina.” Just want to clarify the note, EcoQuest home port is not Los Sueños Marina.

Despite the fact that the vessel was not docked in Los Sueños nor had any relationship with the marina, many private vessels from the marina sped out to the accident site immediately to assist in the rescue of survivors. Forty of the passengers were picked up by a large ship and taken to Caldera. The others were brought back to the Los Sueños Marina by private vessels.

I will appreciate it if you can make a note just to clarify that EcoQuest home port is not Los Sueños Marina.

Gloriana Arce
Los Sueños Resort and Marina

Editor’s Note: Ms. Arce reports that the EcoQuest sailed out of Bahía Herradura.

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