Hot water grows warmer in case of ambassadorship for resignation

President Luis Guillermo Solís finds himself in serious political trouble after another high official basically branded him a liar.

Solís now is at the center of a storm that erupted when newspeople learned that a presidential vice minister had offered the procuradora general de la República an ambassadorship in exchange for her resignation.

The issue took on new life Monday when the  procuradora general, Ana Lorena Brenes, issued a statement confirming that she was offered an ambassadorship and said that the president knew about it.

Solís has maintained that the actions by Daniel  Soley, the vice minister, were not known by him.

Lawmakers are seeking to bring Ms. Brenes, Soley, and Melvin Jiménez, the minister of the Presidencia into hearings to testify. Some lawmakers have branded the offer as extortion and blackmail.

Ms. Brenes, who is the government’s lawyer, has been at odds with Solís on several key legal issues.

Ronny Monge Salas, a legislator with the opposition Partido Liberación Nacional, issued a statement Monday in which he noted that the president’s Partido Acción Ciudadana government promises a house of crystal, meaning high transparency.

Soley did not act alone, he said. Soley resigned his job Saturday.

The Spanish-language daily La Nación, which broke the story in the first place, published a short transcript of Solís denying that he knew about the meeting.  The president spoke to reporters Saturday.

Solís said that he had heard rumors about the meeting but did not know the details, according to the newspaper.

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