Investigators seek evidence on allegation of newborn theft at hospital

Dismissing the allegations as the product of an hysterical new mother would be easy. But if she is correct, the crime has frightening ramifications.

The woman, identified by the last names of  Ureña López, gave birth last week by caesarian section. She was expecting twins, but when there was just one infant, she wants to know the location of the other.

The surgery took place at Hospital San Juan de Dios. Physicians denied that there was another baby. But the woman and her companion had seen a series of ultrasound graphics that showed the woman was having twins, they said.

Judicial investigators are taking the case seriously after a formal complaint was registered. Agents are taking the names and interviewing all who were present at the procedure. The woman’s file has been taken by investigators.

A judge and a prosecutor are involved, too, said the Poder Judicial.

Hospital officials insist that security is tight and no baby napping could take place.

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