Lawmakers set in motion the great cat hunt at the legislative complex

An army of cats has taken over the legislative complex, and some lawmakers set up a system to capture and castrate them over the weekend.

There has been no report on the success of the mission yet, but the cats are known to be clever.

Marcela Guerrero Campos, the lawmaker who has presented an animal welfare bill, is the person who brought the cat situation to light last week.

She said that some street cats found their way into the legislative buildings some years ago and have thrived on garbage and food provided by workers there.

Their numbers have multiplied.

The cats also have access to the vast numbers of rodents that also make the legislative buildings their home.

Some animal welfare organizations were going to organize a capture over the weekend to catch, evaluate and castrate the legislative cats.

The plan also is to set up an area inside the legislature where the cats could live safely.

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