Location of Desamparados man’s suicide generated a big news flap

The news media generally report suicides briefly, if at all.

To make the newspapers or television, someone would have to take his or her own life in a very public fashion.

Bridge and building jumpers are in this category.

A suicide at home seldom makes the papers unless the individual is well known or a performer.

But when a Desamparados man shot himself in the head inside the country’s holiest location Wednesday, the news was big.

A television station even prepared an animation of the man

sprawled dead in a pew of the Basilica de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles. That is the Cartago church to which more than a million persons walk to in late July or in the first two days of August.

Those who arrived there after the 10 a.m. suicide faced disappointment Wednesday.  Church officials closed the building.

The man was Carlos Luis Badilla Delgado, and the sensational El Diario Extra even published his suicide note and apology. Channel Six Repretel repeated the news Thursday and linked it to a full report on Costa Rican suicides.

Thursday a host of prelates conducted a cleansing ceremony at the basilica that was well attended.

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