Name change would make entire canton Quepos

Lawmakers acted Thursday to rename the canton of  Aguirre and to have it called the canton of Quepos, the name of the major community there.

The stated reason for the change is to honor the native inhabitants who were called  Quepos. A second practical reason is that the word Quepos is a tourism draw because, as lawmakers pointed out, no one ever says they went visiting the canton of  Aguirre.

The canton includes such tourism destinations as Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio. The bill, No. 19.236, needs one more vote in the legislature before it is passed on to the president for a possible signature. But that seems to be likely because the measure got 43 votes Thursday.

The canton is the sixth in the province of Puntarenas, which runs long the central and south Pacific coast.

The current name is that of a soldier, Rolando Aguirre Lobo,  a casualty of the Legión Caribe in the 1948 civil war.  The Heredia native had lived in Quepos since 1938 and died at the battle of Limón.

Lawmakers said that his memory would continue to be respected even if it were not associated with a canton.

Lawmakers learned that not much is known about the former native inhabitants except that they vanished. They may have been called  quepoi or quepoa, a summary of legislative action said.

In addition to the city, the canton contains the districts of Savegre and Naranjito. There are about 27,000 residents.quepos013015

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