Notary faked car title, investigators say

That notaries can forge documents to steal real estate is well known.

But now judicial investigators say that the same thing happened with a motor vehicle.

The case began with the death of a young man in Ciudad Neilly. His father was handling the estate and sought to reclaim a vehicle that was being repaired in a San Sebastián shop, according to the Judicial Investigating Organization.

But the vehicle was not there. Someone had taken it. But this was more than a typical car theft.

Judicial agents detained a Cartago lawyer Wednesday on the allegation that he forged the transfer of the vehicle and put it into a corporation. As agents checked the chain of title and those who were presumed to have owned the vehicle, they found that none said they knew the lawyer or had any knowledge of the transactions, agents said.

In Costa Rica, as in many other countries, a notary is required to transfer the ownership of a vehicle.

Agents said that when they detained the lawyer-notary they found that he was not in good standing in his profession and did not have the power to make any transactions, they said.

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