Río Virilla bridge widening to start

Highway officials said that work would begin anew on widening the bridge over the Río Virilla, in April or May. This is the so-called platina bridge because it has resisted all efforts to fix expansion joints.

Platina translates as a metal plate, which became loose on the bridge and endangered tires.

The bridge is on the General Cañas highway that leads from San José to Alajuela and Juan Santamaría airport. The highway leading to the bridge and away from it is six lane. But the bridge is just four lanes.

The ministry has spent 4.3 billion colons, some $8.3 million to reinforce the underpinnings of the bridge.  An analysis of the structure showed that the reason the bridge deck could not be fixed correctly was because the bridge was too flexible.

Officials said they hope that the widening of the bridge will be done in May 2016. They expect that six lanes will eliminate the current bottleneck.

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