Small is better as electronic advances affect TV and Web photography

Just as advances in electronics have changed the face of newspapers, the photographer could become an endangered species.  Sports Illustrated is laying off its six-person photo staff, and in Costa Rica electronic gadgets are taking the place of the heavyweight electronic video camera that can run from 10 to 20 pounds.

Small tablet can record news at a quality suitable to television or online video. Gradually the expensive  professional cameras are giving way to gadgets the same way small digital cameras have made inroads into still photography.

There still are some advantages with the heavy professional models. The weight works against tiny movements seen in cell telephone photography and the smaller tablets. And the lenses are superior for long-range and sports photography.

But in the same way that news reporters now are carrying small digital cameras, Television station economics probably will reduce the openings for camera crews with that bulky equipmentelectronics012915

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