Still no clarification from executive branch on procuradora general

The three principal figures in the ambassadorgate scandal that is undermining the current administration have dates to appear before lawmakers.

They are the former vice minister of the Presidencia, Daniel Soley, his ex-boss, Melvin Jiménez, and Ana Lorena Brenes, the procuradora general.

Jiménez walked out of a press conference Tuesday without answering questions about the situation. Soley approached Ms. Brenes Jan. 6 and offered her an ambassadorship if she quit her job as the executive branch lawyer. She has differed with President Luis Guillermo Solís on key issues.

Many lawmakers doubt that Soley would do this on his own, and there were some calls Tuesday for whoever orchestrated the meeting to resign. Soley resigned Saturday.

What may have been an impropriety has grown into a full-fledged scandal because no one in the administration will say if Soley acted on his own or who sent him to the meeting. The president has said he did not know about the meeting, but Ms. Brenes disputes that claim.

Even the political party of the president in the legislature, the Partido Acción Ciudadana, issued a statement Tuesday asking for more information.

Jiménez is expected to meet lawmakers Thursday.

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