Strong wind expected to continue through Saturday

The wind has been gusting so strong in Tilarán de Guanacaste that the power company’s wind generators shut down.

At the generating facility in Tejona, the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad said wind speeds of 140 to 150 kph have been detected. That’s about 87 to 93 mph.

The utility company said that the wind generators, which are big propellors, automatically shut down when wind speeds reach 90 kph, about 56 mph.

Despite the wind and the damage it has caused in some areas, the company known as ICE said that electrical service and telephone operations have been near normal throughout the country. Many crews have been battling a number of temporary outages, ICE said.

One exception is at  Sepeque de Talamanca where crews were trying to restore service to 20 or 30 customers Thursday afternoon.

There was a problem at Tejona Tuesday when the wind knocked down a cell tower.

That cut voice and data service although simple cell calls were picked up by adjacent towers automatically, the state firm said.

Most of the problems are from falling branches and trees that damage lines and utility poles.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that a reduction in wind is expected this afternoon on the Caribbean coast.

But strong winds are expected to continue at least through Saturday in the north Pacific, the gulf of Nicoya and the Central Valley, said the agency.

There has been rain in the northern zone, the Talamanca mountains and on the Caribbean coast, the institute said. The amount has been as high as 154 millimeters or about six inches during the 24 hours ending at 7 p.m. Thursday, the institute said.

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