Strong winds are not going away soon

The winds that are whipping the country has caused electrical outages and brought down trees. The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional says that this condition will last through Wednesday.

The winds have reached 100 kph or about 62 mph, according to the weather institute. The higher elevations have the higher winds.

More typical in the Central Valley were winds in the 80 kph range, some 50 mph.

The weather institute said that the cause was high pressure in the Caribbean and that the winds would begin to diminish Wednesday and reduce slowly during the rest of the week.

The weather institute also is calling for light to moderate rain in the northern zone and on the Caribbean coast. There may be some in the metro area, too.

The agency issued two bulletins about the winds Monday.

For many Costa Ricans, the temperature with the wind chill factor is about as cold as it gets. In addition to the chill, the winds are noisy and can easily invade some homes that are built for ventilation and not windy weather.

Working despite the winds were municipal trash collectors Monday who made inroads in removing the garbage that has been pushed around by the winds since Jan. 1.

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