Teen bandit, 17, dies as a result of firefight with security guard

A private security guard stopped a robbery attempt Tuesday morning, killed one of the robbers and wounded a second.

The gang of bandits appeared to be made up of minors. The dead individual was reported to be 17 years old, the Judicial Investigating Organization said.

The custom in Costa Rica is to have private security personnel accompany delivery trucks particularly in crime-prone areas. In this case the escort was on a motorcycle. The attempted robbery was in Pavas about
11:30 a.m. The target was a Coca-Cola delivery truck that was making a stop at a store. Two men in the delivery vehicle were not hurt.

The robbery attempt resulted in a firefight, and the 17 year old suffered a bullet to the head. A companion suffered a wound to the leg, said the judicial police. There also was a report of a suspect wounded in the stomach.

The youth wounded in the head died shortly after arriving at Hospital San Juan de Dios.

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