Travel firm also targets unused U. S. vacation time

An international resort chain is picking up on the idea that North Americans have unused vacation time and can be encouraged to use it.

This is the key element of the Costa Rican tourist institute’s savetheAmericans and savetheCanadians promotions.

The Las Vegas, Nevada,-based  Diamond Resorts International said it was tailoring a campaign designed to raise awareness among consumers and their employers about the significance of taking regular vacations.

The firm says it has a network of more than 300 vacation destinations located in 33 countries throughout the continental United States, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, Central America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

The firm cited a Nielsen study that it had commissioned that said more than 40 percent of Americans on average are leaving seven or more days of paid vacation on the table every year.

The result? Nearly one billion vacation days go unused every year, it said

Vacations are not a luxury, they are essential, the firm says on its Web site.

The firm did one survey in 2013 that compared the happiness, health, vitality,  relationships and job satisfaction of two groups of survey respondents: those who reported that they vacation at least once per year, and those who reported that they never vacation.

More than 2,000 respondents aged 25 and older participated in the survey, which, according to the firm, yielded compelling conclusions — a significant majority (at least 76 percent) of annual vacationers are more satisfied and happy with their lives overall, compared to people who never vacation, the firm said. Also, a majority of respondents (52 percent) didn’t take all of their paid vacation days this past year, forfeiting an average of more than seven paid vacation days annually, it added.

Costa Rica is investing more than $3 million on this theme in conjunction with an Atlanta, Georgia, ad agency. The Web cite says that the potential vacationers are being addressed by the animals of Costa Rica.

The Web site had a 1,219,717 Alexa ranking earlier today. The Canadian site appeared to have fewer visitors, and it was ranked at 2,028,947 early today.

By comparison, Google is ranked No. 1 of all the Web sites in the world.

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