Well known expat figure Ryan Piercy reported to be missing

The general manager of the Association of Residents of Costa Rica is at the center of a mystery.

The vehicle of the general manger, Ryan Piercy, was abandoned with the door open on Ruta 32 in Heredia Tuesday night. Fuerza Pública officers found it there.

Piercy, 45, is well known to expats due to his position with the association. He is basically the representative of a number of expats who come to Costa Rica seeking residency or other services. The association, for example, maintains a mail service for some expats and also provides group insurance with the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social.

The association also runs seminars for potential foreign residents.

Piercy has been quoted frequently in A.M. Costa Rica.  He is a Canadian who assumed Costa Rican citizenship. His wife is a Costa Rican and has been associated with the Canadian Embassy.

The initial report of the disappearance was confusing because investigators identified the man by the name of Craig.

That is Piercy’s middle name.

Less well known to expats is Piercy’s role with Casa Canada S.A., a firm that specializes in helping Canadians invest here. It is his family’s business and has not been touched by scandal as have other investment operations.

Casa Canada owns several office buildings in Sabana Este.

Piercy is believed to live in San Rafael de Heredia.

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