7% of gas containers had leaks, report says

Despite the emphasis on safety involving liquid petroleum gas, the nation’s regulatory agency said 7 percent of  17,280 gas containers inspected in 2014 had leaks.

The leaks were found in containers from all three gas vendors, Gas Nacional Zeta, Super Gas and Gas Tomza.

The leaks ranged from 10 percent at Gas Tomza to 6 percent at Gas Zeta, the agency, the Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Públicos, said.

There was a public focus on gas containers after a small Alajuela restaurant exploded with four fatalities in early 2013.  Many Costa Ricans use gas containers for cooking and heating water.

The agency said that during inspections, some 7 percent of the metal containers were found with holes due to rusting.

The testing was not very sophisticated. The agency said that inspectors just applied soapy water to the tanks.

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