As school opens, traffic police to target speeders

Public schools open today, and expats might have become accustomed to blasting through school zones when classes were out.

This would not be a good idea today because traffic police will be out in force with cameras and radar devices ready to snag any motorist whose vehicle exceeds 25 kph in a school zone. That is just a bit more than 15 mph.

There are 83 schools in the country that are adjacent to major roadways, so traffic police will be concentrating on these. They will have rule books handy ready to act at the slightest sign of a violation. The police agency noted Friday that motorcycles can only have a single passenger, and children under 5 years cannot ride that way.

Motorists also should be aware that some schools do not dismiss students until 7 p.m., and the speed limit applies until then.

The Fuerza Pública is fielding 3,000 officers to provide security for the estimated million-plus school kids.

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