Cause of climate change is human greed

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

The point of your editorial on climate change was not entirely clear to me.  However, it was never “scientific” consensus that the world was flat and that the universe revolved around it. That was theological consensus and science, first in the persons of Galileo and Copernicus, who were excommunicated by the Catholic Church, started to provide the evidence that the theology was not based on fact.

Currently, there are many who want to hold onto their “beliefs” and ignore science.  Now just yesterday we find that the Harvard scientist Wei-Hock Soon, whom climate deniers love the most, did not disclose the fact that he had received millions of dollars from fossil fuel interests to fund his “research.”

He stood alone in claiming that the fluctuations of the sun explained climate change.  Wake up!  There are natural phenomena that contribute, but the evidence is clear that natural phenomena alone do not explain the climate change patterns of the last 50 years. Human greed in the form of an unfettered free market is making a huge contribution to the problem. I’m not sure which “cause” is more likely to be reversed.  Greed can be a powerful force!
Richard Jazwinski
New York, New York

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