Chopper delivers girl to hospital’s door

Monday was supposed to be the first day of school for a 7-year-old San Ramón girl.

After experiencing chest pains, the girl collapsed in what best can be described as a heart attack. There was no pulse and no respiration.

The girl was revived but in critical condition, and she was in too fragile a state to make an ambulance trip to the Hospital Nacional de Niños where the best treatment was available.

The security ministry’s Dirección del Servicio de Vigilancia Aérea took up the challenge and airlifted the girl right to the street in front of the hospital. To have done otherwise would have subjected her to another bumpy ambulance ride.

Officials cleared the street about 9:30 a.m. The landing in Paseo Colón is unusual but not unprecedented. One or two critical cases a year come to the hospital that way.

Other facilities, like Hospital México, has their own helicopter pads.

At last report the girl still was in very critical condition at the hospital.chopper021015

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